Wide Eyed Tour Guide is the pseudonym of Toronto-based recording artist Jared Parker.

He got his start playing bass and guitar at his father’s church at the age of 12. Quickly realizing he was a heathen, he began playing in various indie rock/alternative bands primarily as a bassist. When he was 16, he set out to develop his skills on the acoustic guitar. The motivation for this came from discovering the late Elliott Smith and studying his amazing acoustic songs. It may also have had something to do with girls. Jared started singing lead vocals around that time.

Wide Eyed Tour Guide has a dedicated focus on both Jared’s full-band music and his acoustic music.

His first full-band EP, Sharp Tongue Pillow Talk, was an indie-pop adventure focused on being fun and bouncy. This album included the talents of Jason Shory on drums and Holly Jamieson on keyboards and backing vocals. After the EP's release, the
Toronto Star had high-praise for the band, declaring: "the local "one to watch" list just gained a new entry."

Jared relies on the talents of Dan Miller for his newer, electronic inspired music. Dan is responsible for the drum programming, some of the keyboard parts and all of the sound effects. Jared’s producer and mentor Tom Mckay (of 90’s band Joydrop), works on all of Jared’s music and has tremendous influence creatively. The music is very much a collaborative effort.

His newer, electronic inspired music will debut in late August 2013. The first offering is in the form of a 3 song demo written about the main characters of AMC’s Breaking Bad. At the recommendation of Jared’s mixing artist, Andre Wahl, he plans to record more Breaking Bad songs in the near future.

For his acoustic music, the focus is consistency in mood and fluidity in movement. He experiments endlessly with rhythm, chord structure and lyrical content. Much of his acoustic music uses finger picking. He enjoys the challenge of playing the bass notes, chord structure and melody all simultaneously on one guitar. Wide Eyed Tour Guide will be releasing a 4-song acoustic EP in Early November.